1 (863) 956-4222 info@caacfl.com

Herb, Owner

Majid, General Manager

Rhonda Office Manager, 

LuLu the Security Team

Sherri, Do’er of Stuff

Nina, Office Staff

Chris, Do’er of Things

Patty, Office Staff

Amber, Block Clerk

Kayla, Block Clerk

Our Driver Team 

Brian, Sales

Robert, Sales

Billy, Sales




Tim,              Field Manager

Rob,              Field Support Staff

Winston,        Field Support Staff

Aurielo, Lead Tow Truck Driver

Aurielo,        Lead Tow Truck Driver

Aaron,            Tow Truck Driver


Bobby,          Tow Truck Driver

Manny,         Tow Truck Driver

Dave,            Tow Truck Driver

Rowe,            Tow Truck Driver